Wedding Day Getting-Ready Attire: Introducing Reverie & Bauer

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."  -Sophia Loren


Happy Monday, ladies! As our Spring wedding season rapidly approaches, we have wedding day timelines on the brain. One of our April brides was just telling me how important it is that her photographer and videographer capture lots of "getting ready" footage of her with her bridesmaids. So we always make sure (whenever possible) to allot enough time for this fun celebration on our Pre-Ceremony timelines. We get this request a lot and it just feels like yesterday (but more like 13 years ago!!!) that the mimosas were flowing and I, myself, was surrounded by my sister and all my best friends as we got ready for my wedding. These girls had been by my side through the best (and worst) of times and it was so special to have them by my side leading up to one of the most important days of my life. We all looked stunning and I truly treasure those memories. The only thing I was missing was cute, matching, getting ready attire for myself and all my ladies. Sigh...

Luckily, I can relive those days now through all our beautiful HOH brides. I love meeting them at their hotels or homes and watching them laugh together over mimosas and makeup, often in matching attire. Not only can beautiful and unique attire make for some stunning photos, but it’s another way to bring cohesion into your wedding day and the HOH ladies are all about cohesion! The key to any getting ready attire is to make sure you won't ruin your picture-perfect hair and makeup when it's time to slip it off and get into your dress. And that's where our very own HOH planner, Lauren, and her sister, Brooke, came up with an innovative and super cute t-shirt idea. Introducing Reverie & Bauer!


noun  I [rev-uh-ree] :

  1. the state of being lost in thought especially about pleasant things
  2. a fantastic, visionary, or fanciful idea
  3. a daydream

Lauren & Brooke's goal at Reverie & Bauer is to provide chic yet comfortable and functional t-shirts that are distinct from all other t-shirt wedding day attire, as they fasten easily in the back. This allows you to safely remove them, post makeovers, without messing up your hair or makeup. While their business is t-shirt attire, I love that their mission is to spread more than a message on their shirts. They also contribute to various charities with each t-shirt they sell.

To learn more about these trendy t-shirts or to place an order, you can email them at Here are some more fun images from their recent photo shoot, captured by Moving Mountains Photography, and be sure to check out their jewelry designed by Ellison James Designs. Enjoy!