Behind the Scenes: Makeup with April Naylor 

Hi, everyone! Natasha here!

After our last blog post, Head Over Heels realized we really enjoy featuring our amazing brides and the hard work they do! It is a bonus when they are in the wedding industry. We love being able to share our new finds and wedding tips with our clients and readers alike.

This week, we decided to feature Apryl Naylor – one of our stunning brides married on September 24, 2016. Apryl is a makeup artist who runs her own business, like the boss babe she is, and she has over 5 years of experience in the industry. She also has experience doing makeup for Charlotte Fashion Week!

Let me give you a little background on Apryl. I instantly loved her when I met with her and Kelly, who was her lead planner. She is young, beautiful, and so personable! I could go on and on about how fabulous she truly is, so instead, I will just highlight my favorite parts of the planning process and details from her wedding. First off, all her bridesmaids wore white. Yes, white! Who doesn’t appreciate a woman with the confidence to know that she will stand out no matter what?! Next detail that I appreciated immensely, was her flair for dramatics. Imagine, as soon as you go in for the romantic husband and wife kiss, the song “Young and Beautiful” from the Great Gatsby starts playing, drawing the guests into this magical moment! Then, there were her bridal portraits. Not just any bridal portraits, typical and sweet, but the Vogue of bridal portraits!

I mean come on!

With all of her fabulousness in mind, it is no wonder why I jumped at the chance to experience what she does. She is the exact type of person I would want to help me bring my inner gorgeous out!

Apryl wanted me to experience her bridal services. She offered to do my makeup the next time I had an event I wanted to get glammed up for. I recently took her up on the offer and thought it was absolutely blog-worthy!!

I came over to her place, just because it was more convenient for me at the time, but she is a fully mobile makeup artist and is more than willing to travel to you on your big day. Apryl offers a variety of a la carte services and packages, all of which can be customizable upon request. Today I am going to be telling you about her makeup application on me and a little bit about her Diamond package because it sounds exactly like what every bride needs for her wedding day!


To start, her Diamond package not only includes a personalized makeup consultation for the bride, but it also includes one for another guest as well! This is perfect for the one person who deserves to be a little pampered too – maybe a M.O.B. or M.O.H.

Then, before the special day, Apryl supplies the bride with a variety of skin care products – a mask of her choice, a little Rodan & Fields Hydrating Serum, Rodan & Fields Night Serum and some Rodan & Fields lip serum. “It’s basically like 2 days worth of product, so they can prep before the wedding,” Apryl says.

Another part of the Diamond package that I loved was the champagne! It is no secret that we, at Head Over Heels, love planning parties and we love our champagne. On my visit, I only celebrated with a glass, but included in the package is a complimentary bottle. Perfect for getting pampered on your special celebratory day, right?!

Just like with any of her services, you have your choice between a traditional application, an airbrush application, or either of the two with a lash application. I went for the airbrush application. I highly recommend this. ESPECIALLY to brides! An airbrush application will give you a flawless finish and looks amazing in photos. It also feels very glamorous having it applied.


One thing I also want to mention is Apryl does an amazing job at choosing the right foundation for your skin tone. I am someone who has a lot of yellow undertones to my skin and most makeup artists take several tries to match me, but Apryl matched it perfectly in one try.

She is also amazing at contouring and highlighting, so whether you’re going for a heavier or a softer look, she is skilled. I was going for a heavier contour and highlight and I swear my face looked so slim, angular and glowing, which I was obsessed with!!!

Lastly (and this is part of the reason why I really wanted to blog on Apryl’s Diamond package), it includes Apryl staying through the ceremony and cocktail hour to touch up the bride before pictures and entering the reception! How amazing is that? Touch ups are a must after the ceremony. You can usually fit one in right before and after your photos. This is especially important for brides that are having an outdoor wedding. No bride wants to look shiny on her wedding day!

Apryl Naylor is extremely talented and did an amazing job on my makeup. I enjoyed the experience and learning more about what she has to offer the brides of Charlotte. Ladies, if you have an event to attend or a wedding to plan, I highly recommend her!

On a side note, I cannot pose and didn’t know what to do with myself, so don’t mind my awful facial expression. LOL! Every feature of my makeup looks amazing though, so you get the point!

I am happy I can share my experience with all of you! Hopefully, it gives you some insight into one of the top makeup artists in the Charlotte area. Lastly, I am even happier Head Over Heels gets the chance to offer all of you wonderful readers a chance to win a complimentary airbrush application and mini facial with Apryl Naylor!

To enter to win, all you need to do is go to the Head Over Heel’s Instagram @headoverheelsnc, follow us if you aren’t already, and like the giveaway post. Next, go onto Apryl’s Instagram @aprylnaylor, follow her if you aren’t already, and like her giveaway post. One winner will be selected at random. Hopefully, it’s you!!!

Talk soon!